Selfless4Africa through the Divine Kporha Charity Foundation with support from NASPA-Ketu South and other benevolent persons today Friday, April 5, 2019 made a donation of 20 desks to the Klikor Unity Basic School in the Ketu South Municipality.
Before the donation, the Kindergarten pupils, numbering 80, were without desks and used to read and write examinations on woods supported with blocks.

The pupils were also exposed to dangerous weather conditions and unhygienic environment as they sit on a dusty, filth-ridden floor to learn.

However, all these has seen some interventions from an International NGO through the Divine Kporha Charity Foundation as they are committed to supporting basic education in Ghana with particular attention to schools with ‘no desk syndrome’.

The Headmistress, Mrs. Patience Zah seized the opportunity to express her appreciation on behalf of the School Management Committee, PTA and the parents of these pupils.

Torgbui Nyatakpo Saba II, the Chairman to the donation ceremony, admonished the staff and pupils to take care of the furniture provided to them, since this is a great relief to the school and community as a whole.

Divine Kporha, indicates that today’s [Friday] donation should be the beginning of a holistic approach to tackling the issues of children sitting on stones to study in Ketu South Municipality in the quest of promoting quality basic education for all.

He believes education remains a right and allowing these children to sit on the floor to study can only be an abuse of their human rights.

“If you are privileged enough to have sat on a desk then I think this is the time you should get up and do something and help others too. You know how interesting it is to sit on a desk. And if even you were not privileged enough and you have become somebody, this is the time that you must remember what you went through and hope and wish that somebody will not go through it as well.”

The brief ceremony, was attended by Traditional leaders, the Circuit Supervisor, Headmistress and Staff, Executives of the School Management Committee, PTA, Executives of NASPA-Ketu South and pupils.

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