Adopt a healthy lifestyle to manage Blood Pressure – Dr. Knii Lante Blankson

Dr. Knii Lante Blankson

By Gifty Adunyah

Physician Specialist, Dr. Knii Lante Blankson speaking on the GBC Breakfast show this morning says women in their early stages of pregnancy are susceptible to Low Blood Pressure.

Low Blood Pressure is known to occur with early stages of pregnancy’’.

Dr. Knii Lante Blankson explained that vomiting and passing of water from the body causes low blood pressure.

To manage Blood Pressure, he advised that one has to adopt a healthy lifestyle, ‘’visit the hospital to opt for regular check-ups, exercise, manage the body weight and live a stress free life’’.

Physician Specialist, Dr. Knii Lante Blankson on the Breakfast Show with host Kafui Dey.

On the issue of High Blood Pressure, the Specialist pointed out that one’s chance of getting the condition increases with age.

He advised individuals with the condition to check their BP at least every three months because, ‘’it is more common now and also a silent killer’’.

‘’To address this, patients with the condition should avoid things that trigger High Blood Pressure. It is however possible to manage Blood Pressure by adopting a healthy lifestyle’’.

‘If there is something that is triggering the Blood Pressure you have to take it away’’, according to Dr. Knii Lante Blankson.




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