Educate youth about what they insert in their vagina – Dr. Kennedy Brightson

Educate youth about what they insert in their vagina - Dr. Kennedy Brightson

By Nana Ama Sakyiabea Gyapong

A Gynecologist and Medical Superintendent at the Shai Osudoku Hospital, Dr. Kennedy Tettey Coffie Brightson has advised parents and health care officials to educate children about what they insert in their vaginas to prevent other people from giving them wrong information.

He made this suggestion on GTV’s Breakfast Show on 27th January, 2022.

Dr. Brightson explained that the vagina is an elastic, muscular canal with a soft, flexible lining that provides lubrication and sensation. He further explained that the “vagina itself is a self cleanser” and for that matter a healthy vagina is one that is not prone to disease conditions or a vagina that has not got any problem.

Dr. Kennedy Brightson on the Breakfast Show

He stated that “very often, people think what we see outside is the vagina but that is not it. What is seen outside is rather the vulva that surrounds the hollow space inside and that space is what is rather referred to as the vagina.

He disclosed that people go to hospital complaining about mild scents from their vagina but he described that “these odors are mostly not from the vagina but from sweat and other chemicals that give unpleasant odors”.

Dr. Kennedy Brightson explained that if children are not educated about reproductive health, someone else will teach them the wrong things which will lead to them endangering their lives in the future.

He concluded by stating that “some under wears and panties can also give vaginal infections”.




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