Iron deficiency anemia: Take lots of water to boost blood levels- Specialist

Anemia: Men have more blood than women- Hematology Specialist
Dr. Eugene Tetteh.

By Ali Dabre

Dr. Eugene Tete, a Specialist of Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, speaking on the GTV Breakfast Show advised that blood supplements should be prescribed by Specialists before consumption.

Anemia causes

According to Dr. Eugene Tete, blood has small particles called Hemoglobin, and the lack of iron, vitamin B-12, and Folic acid can cause Anemia.

The Specialist explained that if one’s blood cell levels are not good, it turns out to have transient perfusion and that can give long-term eye complications.

”Signs and symptoms of being anemic is that when one’s HB level starts falling, you start having things like dizziness, headache, shortness of breath, lack of rest, cold hands and feet amongst others,” he noted.

Blood is about 70% of water, one needs to take lots of water to boost blood level, Dr. Eugene Tete noted.

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