Asthma is life-threatening if care is not taken- Patient

Louisa Badger, an Asthmatic Patient has advised the public to desist from making jokes about the condition, and treat patients with care and understanding.

According to her, Asthma is life-threatening if care is not taken.

“For those living with the Asthma patients, I would say that sometimes we should learn to be a bit patient and a little understanding because I’ve had people make jokes about the condition, and make it seem like the person is not pulling their weight. But we should understand that, even though it might be something you want to make fun of, it’s something that can threaten the person’s life if they are not careful.’’

Louisa Badger, the Asthmatic Patient disclosed this on the GTV’s Breakfast Show on Monday, November 1, 2021.

Ms. Badger said growing up, it was difficult living with the condition especially when it came to not being able to play with her peers.

“From the beginning, it was quite difficult because you have to cope with not being able to play with your mates, especially in primary school. And you have to avoid playing with dust”.

She further explained that sometimes Asthma patients are been called ‘lazy’ because the condition does not allow them to do some things.

 “It’s quite difficult explaining to friends and even teachers that my condition does not allow me to do this or that and so sometimes you are being called lazy because of that. Until something dramatic happens, and you have an asthmatic attack, then everybody seems to feel sorry for you.”

Ms. Banger has been living with lung disorder for over two decades now. She was diagnosed with the condition, at the of age 2.

Louisa Banger, shared some of her dramatic episodes with Kafui Dey, host of the GTV Breakfast Show saying when you get an attack, your airwaves begin to swell up, become narrow so it becomes difficult to breathe in she noted.

She also said the attack is accompanied by a lot of coughing, chest pain and she becomes hypersensitive.

“When it gets serious, then it means your breathing starts to shorten. If you don’t get any form of relief soon, then it’s just going to get bad and bad”.

Ms. Banger recounted that in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, she was scared but with masking up and observing all the protocols she overcame the fears.

She advised asthmatic patients not to limit or restrict themselves but rather take one day at a time and enjoy life.

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