Blood Group does not affect your choice of partner- Dr. Gershon Sena Sekley

Dr. Gershon Sena Sekley, Chief Executive Officer of G2 Medical Laboratory Services

By Seli Baisie

Dr. Gershon Sena Sekley, Chief Executive Officer of G2 Medical Laboratory Services, on GTVbreakfast show stated that when it comes to blood transfusion, it is very important to know the patient’s blood type before transfusion in order not to complicate issues. This is because some blood groups are not compatible with others. “If you are a universal donor, you cannot take from any other person. You have to take from O negative.”

Dr. Gershon also stated that your blood group does not affect the type of food we eat.

According to him, research has revealed that we all have different types of proteins, and proteins reacts when there is an allergy. “Ive read a lot times that people with blood group O cannot eat tomatoes but somebody with that blood group has taken tomatoes all their lives but nothing has happened to them. When you are talking about reaction, you are talking about a different thing. Proteins play a role when it comes to allergic reactions, not necessarily the type of blood and the type of food we eat.” he said.

Dr. Sekley said that they have done research on this assertion and no medical data has supported it, most times it is purely an allergy.

He also said that blood types should not influence one’s choice of partner. Where it matters most is sickle cell issues. “Where we should be very careful is as a mother, if you have a negative rhesus you should be careful. It matters most, when it comes to pregnancy. When you are negative, your body will view your first pregnancy as a threat to the body. But when you take your second seed, your body produces antibodies that attack the baby and can result in miscarriages or complications.”

Dr. Seckley said that blood groups play a key role in the health of pregnancies and these are correctable.

He therefore urges pregnant mothers to attend antenatal care when expecting a baby.

He also urged individuals to donate blood to save lives, that there is no need to panic while donating blood.

Watch the Full interview below;


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