Treatment fees for dialysis is not something to joke with- Naa Atswei Nee-Okpey

Treatment fees for dialysis is not something to joke with- Naa Atswei Nee-Okpey

By: Rebecca Ampah

A Communication expert Naa Atswei Nee-Okpey, has raised concerns about the proposed increase in dialysis treatment fees at Korle-bu Teaching Hospital shedding light on the financial burden faced by families dealing with life-threatening conditions like dialysis.

She emphasized the seriousness of the situation, stating that “Treatment fees for dialysis is not something to joke with.” She drew a poignant analogy, likening the situation to a madman dancing in a market square, which may be amusing to onlookers but is a dire matter for the individual and their relatives.

“The dance of a mad man in the market square is funny to everybody but his relatives. And so you need to get someone close to you having to suffer a condition or a circumstance like this and your non-affordability of the service to be able to appreciate that,” she said.

She further pointed out the disparity between the slow increase in minimum wages in the country and the soaring prices of essential goods and services, including healthcare.

“We live a country where for years, minimum wage is at a tortoise pace and the prices of goods and services including health care, as life-threatening as this is, is cheater paced,” she stated.

In conclusion, the communication expert called on the Korlebu Teaching Hospital to be transparent about factors leading to increased healthcare costs to demonstrate that they have the interest of their patients at heart.

She made these concerns during a discussion on GTV’s breakfast show hosted by Thelma Tackie.

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