Focus on other conditions besides Covid-19; Dr. Kumah Aboagye to GSA

Picture credit: Ministry of Information/FACEBOOK.

BY: Hannah Abugri

Director General of the Ghana Health Service, Dr. Patrick Kumah Aboagye has challenged members of the Ghana Science Association, GSA, not to focus only on the COVID-19 pandemic, rather support society to address major issues in the country.

At a virtual meeting of the Ghana Science Association’s 32nd Biennial Conference in Accra, Dr. Kumah-Aboagye noted that water pollution, road accidents, air pollution and communication of scientific information to lay persons is a challenge. He said that science as a critical component of health service delivery requires more from scientists. He therefore challenged members to come up with research and innovative ways to save the situation.

Dr. Kuma-Aboagye stated some achievements of the Scientists indicating that the Food and Drugs Authority, FDA, has been instrumental in safe vaccination, laboratory testing and treatment for COVID-19 in Ghana. He said the FDA is recognized globally as one of the centers of excellence in Africa which as a result of hard work and diligence. This he said is a trait of many good scientists.

“I urge you to not only focus on Covid-19 but move beyond COVID-19 and support society to address some of the teething problems in the country. The FDA is indeed recognized globally as one of the centres of excellence in Africa. This achievement is due to hard work and diligence of the many scientists and other staff of the FDA”, he said.

The conference brought together participants from science and technology, Research institutions, Policy makers, Students, Media, NGOs and many others to discuss the Mitigating COVID-19 pandemic, the Quest in Scientific and Technological Innovation.

National President of the Association, Prof. William Gariba Akanwariwiak said the conference was to showcase all pandemic inspired Technological innovations by Ghana Scientist, Technologist, Engineers and Mathematicians and to foster collaboration with industries for sustainable development. He noted that it is also to inspire industries to aspire for more strategic innovations that will improve the socio-economic development towards a self-reliant nation.

Prof. Gariba added that THE Association over the years has been able to carry out its core mandate through the support of government and stakeholders and therefore the members owe government their expertise to help develop the country.

“The Ghana Science Association over the years has carried out its core mandate through the support of the government. We are chiefly indebted to the Government of Ghana to whom we owe our very existence”, he noted.


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