The unrestrained consumption of meat is said to overburden the kidneys.

This leads to the breakdown of the kidney and in turn results in health complications.

From birth to the age 25, the body needs more protein to build cells to stimulate growth, but after 25, the body needs just a little protein to repair worn-out cells and tissues.

The excess of protein in the body tends to have devastating effects on the human system.

This came to light when a Dietician at the Diet Therapy Unit of the Upper West Regional Hospital Rauf Issah, sensitised staff of GBC’s Radio Upper West at Wa on Non-Communicable diseases.

The health talk was organised by GBC Local Union of the PSWU of the TUC as part of activities of seeking the total well being of its members.

Mr. Issah said although the body needs protein, too much meat, especially red meat is unhealthy for the body.

Mr Issah said non-communicable diseases have become widespread in the Upper West Region.

He called on the public to eat nutritious diet as well as visit health centres regularly and have their major organs checked.

The Secretary of the GBC Local Union , Abdul-Nayaru Froko, spoke on the importance of the programme.

The programme was attended by staff, service Personnel and Volunteers of GBC’s Radio Upper West

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