Ghanaian’s perception affects Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder- Dr. Isaac Newman Arthur

Dr. Isaac Newman Arthur.

By Benedicta Konadu.

Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Isaac Newman Arthur, has disclosed that the perception of mental health in Ghana hinders the diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

According to him, when people, especially children, exhibit certain abnormal characteristics, they are branded as ‘stubborn ‘ which may later be realised as a mental disorder. This he said is problematic.

“That branding actually stops us from seeking help for them,” he noted.

The Clinical Psychologist described bipolar disorder as a situation where an individual is on top of the world at one point and at another point, the world is under them. “They swing between the two.”

He made mention of deviation of social norm, dysfunction, high irritable bust of energy euphoria, engagement in crime-related activities, and sex as some effects of bipolar disorders.

Dr. Isaac Newman Arthur indicated that bipolar disorders can be managed when the individual receives support from the right Therapist.


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