HEFRA surveillance: Final Close Down for Obengfo Hospital at Weija

By Nathaniel Nartey

Facebook: Nathaniel Nartey

Twitter: @Annertey_Nartey

The Health Facilities Regulatory Agency, HEFRA, says it has intensified surveillance on the Advanced Body Sculpt Centre popularly known as Obengfo Hospital at Weija, in Accra, following a Court order for the facility to be closed down for operating without a license. HEFRA in January, this year closed down four private health facilities in Accra which include the Obengfo Hospital for operating without a license.

The CEO of Obengfo Hospital sought an order of the court compelling HEFRA to issue him a license so he could operate his health facility through a writ of mandamus. But the court in its ruling, said Obengfo Hospital failed to get its license early enough and also that HEFRA acted within its mandate by shutting down the facility for operating without a license. Registrar of HEFRA, Dr. Phillip Banor, told Nathaniel Nartey that two of the four health facilities which were closed down have acquired their license and are operating while the other two remain closed.

“The court order means that our findings were accurate and we acted lawfully and therefore he must follow orders and shut down the facility…. We have been doing surveillance around the facility at Weija and remember there are 3 cases that we have against him that is the one that led to the death of someone, operating without the right authorization and then continued operation after he was issued a warning to halt operations. We have closed the facility down and put huge padlocks on it”.

Dr. Banor advised the public to ensure that the health facilities they visited for healthcare are licensed to operate.

“When you go to any health facility at the entrance and the main reception area look for the HEFRA sign which says that this facility is licensed to operate. If you don’t see the license displayed don’t be intimidated to ask about it. It means something is not right”, according to Dr. Banor.


HEFRA on January 29, 2021 closed down the Susan Clinic at Laterbiokorshie, China Recovery Clinic at Achimota, Grace Diagnostic Center at Tantra Hill and Obengfo Hospital at Weija. The facilities closed were also cited for operating specialized equipment, without authorization as well as for the lack of adequately trained staff operating the specialized equipment.


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