Infection, possible despite Covid-19 vaccination- Physician

Alice Dzorgbenyuie

An Infectious Disease Physician, Dr. Joseph Oliver Commey says one can be infected even after being vaccinated against Covid-19.

His comments on the GTV Breakfast Show, follow the passing of Former US. Secretary of State, Colin Powell. He is reported to have died from Covid-19 complications, even though he was fully vaccinated.

Mr. Powell is reported to have undergone a breakthrough infection (a case of illness in which a vaccinated individual becomes sick from the same illness that the vaccine is meant to prevent).

According to Dr. Commey, “fully vaccinated, or whichever way either by Johnson & Johnson 2 shots vaccines, it only prevents you from being hospitalized’’, he stated.

He pointed out that ‘’the fact remains the vaccines are not 100% effective”.

Dr. Commey reiterated that vaccination against Covid-19 does not insulate an individual from being affected by the Virus.


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