Boys have sex, Men make love- Dr. Eghan

Boys have sex, Men make love- Dr. Eghan
Dr. Richard Eghan is a Public Health Scientist.

By Francisca Maame Esi Quainoo

A Medical Practitioner and Sexual Health Specialist, Dr. Richard Eghan says sex is a natural thing everyone will love to do and apart from it being enjoyable, when done well it plays an important role in one’s physical, physiological and mental health.

He said sex is very important to living things, especially human beings and it actually supports the activity and function of brain chemistry. The brain controls drive to have sex which is called the libido, and both men and women feel the same way when it comes to sex.

Dr. Eghan said some people have sex just because they think it’s part of relationship or marriage, but there is more to it he said. Sex serves as a glue that bring couples together, enhances the relationship, helps express love and satisfaction and helps to fulfill an important need in one’s life.

According to Dr. Egan, sex is a process and when done properly it enables one to experience the calmness that comes with it.

“So, if I’m doing it well properly, happily and with someone l love then chemicals such as oxytocin helps us calm down and have satisfactory sex.

He mentioned that Boys have sex and Men have Lovemaking.
“lf you are making love the right way by the end of the session you should feel relaxed “

He said because of the economic hardship and stress in the country a lot of people have sex to release their stress and to avoid depression.

“Sex becomes like a relief system to some people when they are stressed and Psychologically sex supports stress cycle”.

He said most sex Therapists will say, sex twice or thrice a week is good enough and anything beyond it is just too much.

But, I believe that sex is a communication and too much sex depends on what you see as to much, he argued.

“If you have a partner and she will love to have sex about three to four times a week that is not too much, but if can only take once a week then that’s too much .“

He added that having sex thrice a week is advisable depending on the agreement of the couples.

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