Obesity is a major sign of weight gain. The intake of high protein breakfast and excess sugar drinks including fruit juice can lead to weight gain.
The thought of being obese sends shivers down the spines of people. They therefore tend to accept unprescribed medicines given them by their colleagues.
Weight gain occurs when an individual regularly gets more calories than the body can absorb. We get calories from the food we eat or drinks we take. As a result the adipose tissue increases leading to weight gains. Weight gain can lead to medical problems.
Being overweight is a common symptom of Cushing’s syndrome, a condition in which an individual is exposed to too much of the stress hormone which in turn causes abnormalities.
In female, weight gain can among other things change the normal menstrual cycle and increase the androgen levels which can cause infertility.
Most people who are obese feel they are not attractive to the opposite sex and would want to trim down.
Some spend huge sums of money at Gyms trying to reduce their weight. What is important is to avoid eating in between meals especially at odd hours and eschew the intake of sugary drinks.

We should also do regular exercise to break down the sugar in our foods.

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