Prevent arthritis by avoiding sitting for long hours

Dr Joseph Afor, Chiropractor.

Story by Nikita A.D Qaurcoo.

October 12 marks World Arthritis Day and GTV’s Breakfast had a conversation with Dr Joseph Afor, the director of the Chiropractic Healing Place, and Dr. Dzifa Dey, a Consultant Rheumatologist, University of Ghana, to discuss key issues concerning arthritis and the importance of creating awareness of the condition.

Arthritis stems from two Latin words, itis, which means inflammation, and athra meaning joint. Arthritis is inflammation (swelling, pain, redness) in the joints.

A common form of arthritis that usually affects people over the age of 60 is Osteoarthritis. It is the wearing down of the protective tissue at the ends of bones (cartilage), which occurs gradually and worsens over time.

Another type of arthritis is autoimmune arthritis. With this, we find people of varying ages and even those as young as 2 exhibiting arthritis symptoms.

Gout, another form of arthritis common in men and people with cardiovascular problems, is the build-up of uric acid crystals, and normally affects the big toe or thumb.

The doctors shared the forms of treatment for arthritis including realigning the bones and the spinal curvature using hands and special equipment. At this point, the body is left to heal itself. They also explained that world arthritis day is to inform people of the importance of early detection and how cost-efficient treatment is.

The Medical Practitioners advised that simple remedies such as using long brooms, adopting a table during washing, and to avoid sitting for long hours. Most importantly, exercising regularly to encourage joint movement.


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