Sitting for long periods ‘is bad for your health’

Prolonged sitting in one position, as well as standing for hours without movement contributes to long-term back injury and spinal cord disorder.

This can lead to permanent aches and pains, says the Head of the Physiotherapy Unit of the Saint John of God hospital at Duayaw Nkwanta in the Ahafo region.

Mr. Dennis Assibey is calling on all to be conscious about daily activities to keep healthy.

Physiotherapy otherwise known as Physical therapy is the treatment of injury, disease and disorders through physical methods — such as exercise, massage, manipulation and other treatments — over medication and surgery.

A Physiotherapist’s duty is to assess muscle strength and the range of movement in a person’s joints and will advise on techniques and exercises to keep the human joints perform as expected.

The Physiotherapist promotes, maintains, or restores health through a holistic approach to the prevention, diagnosis and therapeutic management of pain, disorders of movement or optimization of function.

The work of the Physiotherapist goes beyond work with back and sports-related injuries.

A typical Physiotherapy Unit handles cases involving orthopedic physiotherapy as well as the neuros to help restore movement and function when a patient is affected by injury, illness, or disability.

On a daily basis, about sixty people from across the country access the Physiotherapy Unit of the Saint John of God hospital at Duayaw Nkwanta in the Tano North District of the Ahafo region.

The Centre has three units- The Oththesis, the Sewing and the physiotherapy Units.

Majority of patients who report to the center, present with lower back cases; a situation attributed to daily house chores.

A physiotherapist can also help prevent further injury by listening to patients needs and expectations, working together to plan the most appropriate treatment for any individual condition, including setting goals and treatment outcomes.


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