Ag. Director, Institute of Local Govt. Studies, Accra, DR. Abdulai Darimani.

The Acting Director, Institute of Local Government Studies in Accra, Dr. Abdulai Darimani says any  moves at deepening democracy at the local level, such as the election of Metropolitan Municipal and District Chief Executives is commendable, because it will ensure optimum citizens mobilization.

Dr. Darimani, said ”leadership at the local level is critical to facilitating development”, hence the election would give citizens the opportunity to elect a person who appeals to them, and also ensure accountability.

Speaking on the GJA /STAR -Ghana monthly citizens awareness programme dubbed “We the People” Dr. Darimani, noted that election alone cannot guarantee autonomy that will propel development, at the grassroots, especially when it will be on party lines.

He also expressed doubts as to whether the election of MMDCEs’ could address challenges of resource allocation at the local level and called for a serious look at other forms through which resources could be mobilized and allocated timely.

Dr. Darimani was of the view that Ghana can learn and re-learn with the decentralization process, by electing MMDCEs’, however, the actions buts be implemented well to so as to derive the maximum benefit therein.

By Rachael Kakraba.

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