Ghana Football Association (GFA) presidential hopeful, Nana Yaw Amponsah, has said that moving Ghana beyond corruption, aid, nepotism, and cronyism remains his focus when he successfully assumes the topmost position of Ghana Football.

Nana Amponsah on Friday submitted his forms to contest for the Presidency at the GFA Secretariat as he envisages a new direction for Ghana football.

”I’m ready to move Ghana Football beyond corruption, to move Ghana football beyond aid, to move Ghana Football beyond nepotism, cronyism, to create opportunities for all,” he told Pressmen in an interview.

He stressed the need to restore the integrity of football considering the turbulence it had gone through over the past years and also develop grassroots football which is the bedrock.

Amponsah also emphasised the need to commercialize football in the country, especially the local league which has suffered a huge setback over the past years.

”I want to tell the football family that you don’t have to be my friend to benefit from my administration, you don’t have to be my friend to benefit from the sponsorship I would be bringing on board.

”I have already without power done my bit to help the clubs have commercial viability, and that’s exactly what I will ensure when I become president,” Amponsah stated.

Amponsah who is one of the front runners for the upcoming elections, announced his intention to compete for the position back in 2017 having made public his blueprints when he successfully assumes power.

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