Ivory Coast reopens bars and restaurants


Ivory Coast has reopened bars and restaurant in all provinces except the main city, Abidjan.

While announcing the easing of restrictions, President Alassane Ouattara said there had been “satisfactory results” so far but warned that “we have not yet won the battle”.

“No positive case has been detected in the interior of the country since April 21,” he said in an address on public television.

Gatherings of up to 200 people are now allowed but social distancing has to be ensured.

The curfew hours in Abidjan have been shortened to start at 23:00 local time, instead of 21:00.

Bars and restaurants in Abidjan will remain closed until at least 15 May.

The president said the decision was reached after deliberations within the government on the state of the economy.

He declared a state of emergency in March to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Ivory Coast has 1,571 cases of coronavirus including 20 deaths.

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