Germany defender Jerome Boateng has expressed shock at the recent racial abuse of players in the Bundesliga.

Recently, Hertha Berlin defender Jordan Torunarigha was subjected to racist abuse in a game against Schalke O4.

Boateng, who in the past suffered similar abuse said he is shocked that the unfortunate behaviour still exist in German football.

“It shocked me and it hurts me to see a young man in Germany crying on the field because he suffers racist attacks, it is very sad,” said Boateng.

“It happened to me from time to time even in the Bundesliga. Unfortunately we cannot always locate where the insults come from and we do not want to give satisfaction to those who make the boo.

“Of course it’s not nice to hear them. In these cases we need the support of the fans who are nearby so that they can identify the authors.

“It’s a very bad feeling. We have to think about the future, I have children in Germany. I thought I had passed this phase. But unfortunately we have taken one step forward and one step back, ” concluded the Bayern Munich defender.

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