University students in the Kenyan capital Nairobi have launched a campaign to end sexual harassment in the country’s higher learning institutions.

A recent survey in Nairobi by the campaign group ActionAid suggests that half of all female students and a quarter of all male students have experienced a form of sexual harassment from a staff member at their university or college

Under the hashtag #CampusMeToo students are gathering signatures for a petition that will be handed to the education ministry.

Among their demands are mandatory induction sessions for newly enrolled students, regular training sessions for university staff and the appointment of an investigation committee on all campuses to handle sexual harassment cases.

The youth in institutions of higher learning in 🇰🇪 are speaking out! & standing up against sexual harassment

They are putting colleges & universities leaders to account to prioritise policies & their implementation 4 protection against sexual violence #CampusMeToo.

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