The Accra Metropolitan Assembly, (AMA) says it has taken notice of a video clip which has gone viral after last Wednesday’s rain.

The AMA describes the said video, which shows a woman disposing of refuse into a drain during the downpour as unacceptable and exhibits a lifestyle which must not be condoned as part of the urban life.

The Assembly in a statement wishes to reiterate that such indiscriminate act of refuse disposal into the drain contributes to flooding in parts of the city.

“Such acts of indiscipline undermine the efforts of the Assembly and government to achieve a clean city.” The statement said.

The statement further said the AMA has asked the Ghana Police Service, (GPS), to assist in the search and arrest of the woman for further prosecution as her actions are against the bylaws of the Assemblies.

The AMA is by this statement appealing to the public to volunteer information to the Assembly or the nearest police station which can lead to the arrest of the woman and other persons who dump waste into drains or litter indiscriminately.

The AMA wishes to emphasise that it is committed to enforcing the bye-laws on sanitation and as a result has taken steps including the review of its bye-laws that has led to the prosecution of some 450 persons from January to May this year for various sanitation offenses.

The Assembly is also calling on Ghanaians to be responsible to their environment and desist from such bad attitudes as they go a long way to frustrate the efforts to address the perennial flooding in the city.

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