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Let’s fight online impersonation – David Gyedu

Let’s fight online impersonation - David Gyedu

CEO of Cyber1Defense, David Gyedu

CEO of Cyber1Defense, David Gyedu, has highlighted the alarming frequency at which individuals’ identities are exploited to deceive online users.

In an interview with Kafui Dey on GTV’s Breakfast Show, David Gyedu pointed out that some hackers manipulate the content of links to deceive and lure unsuspecting online users.

According to him, Government officials are particularly vulnerable to online impersonation due to their prominent profiles.

Mr. Gyedu explicitly debunked rumors circulating about the former Trade Minister, Alan Kyerematen, purportedly sharing data and airtime, clarifying that this is a case of impersonation since he has been trending for sometime now.

“They are using his image that he is giving out free credit but he is not,” Mr. Gyedu stated this during the interview. “Throughout this week, he was trending and because of that, the hackers want to use it to exploit people,” he added.

To combat online impersonation, Mr. Gyedu suggested that individuals utilize Google Alerts to receive notifications when their identities are being impersonated.

Additionally, he encouraged online users to promptly report any instances of impersonation to prevent further fraudulent activity.

“You can set an alert on your phone and anytime, anywhere on the internet that they mention your name, or they say something about you, Google brings it to you,” he urged.


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