More downpours are expected in the country over the next few weeks, as the rainy season heads towards its peak period.

The public is, therefore, advised to take precautionary measures to protect lives and properties from the expected floods and other dangers that come with such rains.

A Senior Meteorologist at the Ghana Meteorological Agency Micheal Padi told the Ghana News Agency that although the frequency of rainfall has increased this year, the season has not yet reached its peak.

According to the Meteorologist, the rains are expected to peak in June, during which its frequency would increase with intensity and also last for longer periods.

He said by next month, monsoon rains, are expected which are consistent and could last an entire day.

He said after peaking in June, the rains would abruptly end around July, with slight drizzles in August.

Touching on atmospheric heat, he said the frequent rainfall would ultimately reduce the heat in the atmosphere

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