The six regional chapters of the Ghana National Association of Teachers, GNAT, who have joined their sister Union, NAGRAT to embark on a strike, have accused their national leaders of being insensitive to the plight of their members.

According to them, all the issues occasioning the strike have been tabled to the national leadership, but they have turned a blind eye to them.

They therefore find it awkward that this same leadership has refused to back the strike.

In an interview on GBC’s current affairs programme ‘Behind the News,’ Upper West Regional Chairman of GNAT, Ivor Kouley, said, “the other regions are experiencing the same thing, just that they couldn’t make it to the meeting in Accra. These issues have been presented to National, they are aware of them and members felt that they are not doing so much.”

“We have actually also presented these things as Regional Chairmen to them and they have not attended to them, and a lot of our members are agitating. Once they are agitating, they are calling on us to declare a strike. We came together to issue a press release, stating that, we can no more restrain our members further. The National is supposed to facilitate that but they are not in the process of championing the interest of our members.”

According to Kouley, “They (National Office) are aware of these things. We have told them, we have been communicating with them some few days after we released this press release. The General Secretary himself is on the Whatsapp page, we have been communicating there, we have giving him the issues, he has not responded.”

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