An audit conducted recently in Basic Schools nationwide has revealed that most Head teachers misappropriate the Capitation Grant, which is meant for the smooth running of their facilities.

To this end, the Regional Education Director in Charge of Bono, Ahafo and Bono East Regions, Dr. Peter Attafuah, has directed District and Municipal Education Directorates within his jurisdiction to educate Head teachers on the proper use of the Capitation Grant.

He said Head teachers should prepare Budgets and School Performance Improvement Plans to enable them to make informed decisions on the effective use of the Capitation Grant.

Government introduced the Capitation Grant in 2005 with the objective of improving access and school management.

The Capitation Grant is allocated to basic schools from Primary to JHS. Prior to the institution of the Capitation Grant there was virtually no money given to Head teachers to run their schools.

All the needs of basic schools then were supplied by the Education Directorates.

Currently, the Capitation Grant is ¢3.50 per pupil. Recent audits reveal some level of misapplication of the funds by Head teachers.

The Bono Ahafo Regional Education Director, Dr. Peter Attafuah who was unhappy with the development said Head teachers are required to use the money on only things that will enhance teaching and learning.

He said for effective utilization of the grant, Head teachers need to prepare School Performance Improvement Plans.

Dr. Attafuah disclosed that more than sixty (60) Head Teachers were cited in the report to have misapplied the Capitation Grant. He said these Teachers will be summoned before the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament.

The Capitation Grant Policy is one of the key strategies adopted by the government as part of efforts aimed at achieving Universal Primary Education for all in Ghana.

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