The Vice Chairman of the All Nigerian Community in the Bono Region Chidi Uzuoechi, has described as unfortunate the perception among Ghanaians that Nigerians living in the country are in for criminal activities.

According to him, though an insignificant number of Nigerians residing in Ghana are into one criminal activity or the other, it is unfair to see all Nigerians as criminals since majority of Nigerians in Ghana are into legitimate business.

Mr. Uzuoechi was speaking when the All Nigeria Community donated some items to the Compassion is love in Action Orphanage at Yawhima in the Sunyani Municipality.

The perception among Ghanaians that Nigerians are into criminal activities in the country is widespread, especially among the older population.

Kidnapping, robberies, drug peddling, ritual murders, cyber fraud are some of the crimes Nigerians are often tagged with, making most Nigerians residing in Ghana feared by many Ghanaians. This is why the All Nigerian Community in Ghana is out to dispel the perception.

They made a donation to the Compassion is Love in Action Orphanage located at Yawhima in the Sunyani Municipality.

The donation to the Orphanage has become a firm fixture on the Calendar of the Nigerians for the past three years as part of their effort to give back to the Ghanaian Society.

Items presented included bags of rice, bottles of cooking oil, toiletries, boxes of noodles and snacks all valued at 2000 Cedis.

The donation was received with much delight by the Children and management of the home. The Administrator of the home, Mr. Baafi Yeboah, thanked the association for the gesture and took the opportunity to call for more of such gestures. Interacting with Radio Ghana after the presentation, the Chairman of the Association Chidi Uzuoechi stated that the gesture is to support the feeding of the inmates and also send a signal to them that they’re not alone in this life.

He also explained that the presentation is aimed at correcting the widespread perception that Nigerians living in the country are involved in dubious activities saying, most Nigerians residing in Ghana are doing legitimate business.

He nonetheless advised his countrymen to live by the laws of the country. He stated that any Nigerian found to have gone against the laws of the country would not be shielded by his Compatriots.

Story filed by Lawrence Manu-Gyan 

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