Health Expert, Kwasih Afadzi Johnson, has explained that an individual may be asymptomatic, but could be a carrier of COVID-19. He said Africans should stop deceiving themselves as having resistance against Coronavirus, because there is currently no research that proves that Africans are resistant to Covid-19.

In an interview with GBC’s Rebecca Ekpe, Mr. Johnson said, ”they say ‘blacks’ are resistant to the virus, they have to forget about that and take the precaution, other-wise they are going to be surprised.”

On the question of whether there is enough research to substantiate the resistance levels of Africans against coronavirus, Mr. Johnson said scientifically, every human being on earth has the same immune system, that is basic and “Africans do not have a better immune system or different system compared to Asia, or whoever, so we all have the risk”.

On American, he said: “where they were not being tested, they thought few people were infected, now they are finding out that more people do have the virus, same thing will happen in Africa.”

Mr. Johnson explained that if Africa has the means to test, authorities will find out that there are a lot of carriers, who may be asymptomatic, which means they show no symptoms of covid-19.

“The best bet in the scourge of the coronavirus scare is to ‘test, test, test’ as has been reiterated by the WHO Director General, Tredos  Ghebreyesus.”

Story filed by Rebecca Ekpe.

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