One person is reported dead with five others wounded following a shooting incident at Yendi.

The shooting was said to have started when the Chief of Sangnarigu was entering Yendi with his entourage ahead of the funeral of the late Yaa-Naa Yakubu Andani II.

The gunfire was reportedly preceded by the pelting of stones between Abudu and Andani groups. The dead and wounded are all said to be Abudus. Two houses and a shed belonging to Abudus were also set ablaze.

Before the incident, preparations were far advanced at the Kampakoya Naa palace in Yendi for the commencement of the final funeral rites of the late overlord of Dagbon.

Alhaji Mugisu Sibaway, the Abudu youth President, told an Accra Based Radio, “CitiFM News” that the Sangnari Naa’s entourage upon getting to where the Abudu youth were, opened fire on them killing one and injuring five.

Meanwhile, calm is said to have been restored in the area.

Funeral rites for Ya-Naa Yakubu was put on hold over fresh disagreement between the two Gates.

Per the roadmap laid out by the Committee of Eminent Chiefs which mediated the chieftaincy dispute, the funeral of the late Yaa-Naa Yakubu Andani II was initially expected to start from January 4 to 18, 2019.

But the Andanis said, one of the palaces to be used for the performance of the funeral is being occupied the Bolin-Lana Abdulai Mahamadu, who is the Regent of the late Ya-Naa Abdulai Mahamadu I.

The Regent is said to have refused to vacate the Mba Dugu Palace, which is one of the key places to be used for the performance of the funeral rites as required by tradition.

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