Patients with various degrees of deformities who hitherto could not afford the high cost of plastic surgery have had their deformities corrected at no cost.

A US-based not-for-profit organization, RESTORE Mission, have provided free plastic and reconstructive surgeries to over 100 needy patients in the region at the Upper East Regional Hospital in Bolgatanga.

Experts say the high cost of surgery to correct burns and congenital body anomalies means many of such victims are denied care in Ghana.

Patients with face, neck, chest, arms, limbs, hands and the feet deformities were corrected through the free surgery.

The Restore Mission, led by a Ghanaian-born US-based Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Michael Obeng through its annual humanitarian surgical program offered the services at no cost.

It is the second time within two years the region is benefiting from this exercise which is being spearheaded by the Deputy Director Diaspora Affairs at the Office of the President, Dr. Nadia Adongo Musah.

Patients who could not have afforded treatment were the target.

The other criteria they looked at were those patients who have serious functional challenges in terms of joint deformities, other congenital or acquired and patients who have also suffered deformities due to injuries such as burns.

The Deputy Director Diaspora Affairs at the Office of the President, Dr. Nadia Adongo Musah, said because of the expensive nature of treatment for plastic surgery, health insurance schemes do not cover them, depriving many Ghanaians the needed care. She said her outfit together will continue to contribute her quota towards the welfare of the people in the region.

The leader of the doctors, Dr. Paa Ekwow Hoyte-Williams, who is a Craniofacial, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, told GBC News they are in the region to help correct all kinds of deformities.

In an interview with GBC News, a Malian Plastic Surgeon, who is a member of RESTORE, Dr. Bertin Dembele, underscored the need for more surgical doctors to be trained.

He said governments across Africa have neglected the role Surgical Doctors play in the system, hence the low number of persons trained in the various countries as surgical doctors.

A beneficiary, Onie Precious, a Nigerian said she had the information that the RESTORE team will be in Bolgatanga through social media.

According to her she had facial deformities through car accident.

She said all efforts made to get her deformities corrected proved futile. She commended the RESTORE team for the gesture.

One of the objectives of the Restore Mission-USA is to help equip the Plastic, Burns and Reconstructive Surgery Unit at Upper East Regional Hospital adequately provide quality plastic surgical services beyond the humanitarian exercise.

Story filed by Samuel Ayammah

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