Piers Morgan decided to one-up a protester, who had interrupted a segment on Good Morning Britain by shouting, ‘stop Brexit’.

In fact, the 53-year-old whacked out his very own megaphone, in an attempt to shout the man in question down.

And it all got very loud… During the latest instalment of the show, a live link to Westminster was interrupted when ‘Steve’ started screaming ‘Revoke Article 50, stop Brexit!’ over the top of the broadcast.

He is a regular fixture outside the Houses of Parliament, and has previously been overheard in many clips, so Piers decided it was time to get his own back.

Unveiling his own megaphone, he shouted: ‘Steve, Steve… Shut up about Brexit, yeah? Shut up about it.

Nobody wants to hear from you! Be quiet about Brexit! ‘You’re not going to stop it, it’s the will of the people, shut up! That’s it! Alright Steve? You don’t like it when we’re doing it, ruining your morning.

Yes, you! Ruining every single one of our news broadcasts. Now we’re ruining yours! ‘Put it down, mine is bigger than yours! I have a bigger megaphone than yours, Steve.’ Side note: Where exactly did he get that megaphone so quickly?

While Susanna and Charlotte Hawkins didn’t seem too impressed – keeping their hands clamped well and truly over their ears – fans at home loved it. Flocking to Twitter, one replied: ‘Oh dear that has made my morning still laughing.’ ‘That was so funny lol,’ a viewer said, as another commented: ‘That just made my day.’

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