The 30-year-old Indian businessman, Umpakan Chodri who was kidnapped by unknown persons in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region last Thursday has been rescued.

The Police said  the victim escaped from his abductors to seek refuge in a house on the premises of Akokoamon primary school where he was saved by the police.

According to the Police, upon getting to the school compound, the victim begged some women in the house to hide him when he realized that the abductors wielding pistols were still after him.

“Through the women, the victim contacted his family who also informed the police about the development.”

The  victim then took the police to the house where he was kept. 

Unidentified gun men on board an unregistered Toyota Saloon car, last Thursday night abducted Umpakan Chodri, in an area called Ahodwo in Kumasi while driving a black, Mazda CX-7 with registration number AS 5442-17.

The hoodlums were reported to have later called one Tamil Kumar, a relation of the victim to demand a ransom of 500,000 dollars for his release.

They warned Tamil not to involve the police and further sent images of a gun pointed at the victim with his hands tied to his back.

A text message sent to the victim’s relation by the suspects warned that “If you involve the police we will stop communication and leave his dead body at the roadside. You are warned.”


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