Alan is prone to win in 2024 as he has massive support- Courage Nobi

Alan is prone to win in 2024 as he has massive support- Courage Nobi

By Rebecca Ampah

The spokesperson for Hon. Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen’s campaign team, Courage Nobi, has confidently asserted that their movement boasts significant support, particularly from Ghana’s youth, instilling hope for the 2024 elections.

In a phone interview with Kafui Dey on GTV’s breakfast show, he emphasized that the level of enthusiasm for their movement is highly encouraging, as it aims to fulfill the aspirations of young people.

“Young people want their country fixed and they know that Hon. Alan Kyeremteng presents that,” he stated.

Mr. Nobi disclosed that they have received a continuous stream of feedback through their social media platforms and from various sources. He stressed that young people actively seek to be part of their movement, driven by their shared desire for effective governance led by a visionary and ethical leader hence, achieving success for the movement would be easily attainable.

“They all want their country to be well managed and run by one who has the vision and integrity,” Mr. Nobi declared during the phone interview. “They are excited to come on board. This won’t be a challenge at all, we have the numbers,” he confidently asserted.

He further highlighted the significant surge of support the movement has garnered, particularly among the youth, who firmly believe in the potential for change.

He declared that the movement could swiftly mobilize two representatives from every constituency within 24 hours, reflecting their confidence in the widespread appeal and resonance of their mission.

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