Deployment of Police bodyguards to MPs stands to weaken Police Operations- Panelists

Parliament of Ghana.

Security Expert, Colonel Festus Aboagye is contending that the allocation of Police guards to Members of Parliament will have an adverse implication for the general security situation of the country.

He said assigning each Member of Parliament with a Police guard without first augmenting the existing number of personnel will result in weaker Police Operations such as patrols, rapid response and operation calm lives needed for a stable and secure society.

Using statistics to support his point, Colonel Aboagye said the debate on security must be holistic and comprehensive and not skewed towards only Members of Parliament whose number represents just a few victims of crime.

Colonel Aboagye stated this on GBC’s Current Affairs Programme, “FOCUS” which discussed “personal security for MPs”.

Deputy Ranking Member, Defence and Interior Committee, Mumuni Alhassan corroborated Colonel Aboagye’s stance by asking government to ensure adequate security for the larger society and not single out MPs.

Mr. Alhassan who is the MP for Salaga North said while protection of MPs is important, the state must ensure that law-abiding citizens go about their duties without fear and intimidation.  He further called on government to make the already completed Salaga Police post-operational by posting personnel to the facility.

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