They have seen wisdom in engagement- Deputy Minority Whip

Deputy Minority Whip
Hon Ibrahim Ahmed, Deputy Minority whip

By Lilian Owusu-Mensah

Member of Parliament for Banda and first Deputy Minority whip, Hon Ibrahim Ahmed has stated that the majority caucus in parliament are now seeing the wisdom in their stance on the E- levy.

The statement was made on GTV breakfast show on a discussion seeking what to expect when parliament resumes sitting today.

He added that for e- levy, the government is now seeing the wisdom in the proposals being tabled by the Minority.

“The majority in parliament are now suspending the issue of approval for the week to be used for consultations and engagements starting from the minority caucus, then the NPP and NDC parties, then the civil societies up to Friday”, he stated.

He stated that it is quite unfortunate for the majority in parliament to think that they are not ready for engagement.

“Even when they were in government, they invited their opponents for an economic engagement at Royal Senchi,so what makes the majority think that the minority is not ready….we are ready for engagement. Even when we were in government, we invited our brothers from the other side for an economic engagement at Royal Senchi”, he said.

He added that the minority in parliament even wanted the engagement to go on whiles they were on recess because they are a serious party.

He however stated that the majority caucus should not create the impression that the minority caucus is the cause for the delay to pass the E-levy.

” The majority caucus think that the Minority do not want to pass the E-levy because, they know that if they pass the it, the NPP government will get money to carry out developments”, he revealed.

He further added that if this e-levy is passed in any form,it cannot be implemented because it will cause confusion.

“Look, this thing if you pass it in any form, they cannot implement, there will be confusion” , he added


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