Ghana’s economy is doomed with the current political system- Dr. Sam Ankrah 

Ghana's economy is doomed with the current political system- Dr. Sam Ankrah
Dr. Sam Ankrah speaking at the Inclab Leadership Talk conference.

By Emmanuel Oti Acheampong

A renowned Ghanaian Economist and Independent Presidential Aspirant, Dr. Sam Ankrah has called on Ghanaians not to relent on their quest to change the style of politics in the country and concentrate on personal and national growth.

He made this call during his speech at the “Inclab Leadership Talk conference” at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology on May 27, 2023

The financial expert said if Ghanaians are waiting for the government to solve the over 60-year-old economic problem, the country will continue to retard progress for another 60 years without a solution. 

He mentioned that, as harsh as it may sound, the truth stands that the odds are stuck against the current political system in Ghana, and knowing the situation in other countries.

He stated that democratic structures and processes have helped political representatives and public officeholders fail in their seats because the general population inadvertently contributes to the problems by being spectators instead of citizens. 

Dr. Ankrah further added that most people don’t believe him when he says posterity will judge Ghanaians when they fail to seize the opportunity to query leaders.

“Everything rises and falls on leadership, most people do not believe me when I say that, but that’s the truth, the more you try to do so in life, the more you will find that leadership makes the difference. Any endeavor you can undertake that involves other people will live or die depending on leadership. 

He said organizations would speed up growth when personnel determines the potential, relationships determine the morale, structure determines the size, vision determines the direction, and leadership determines the organization’s success.

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