Mismanagement has been Ghana’s greatest challenge- Dr. Sam Ankrah

Mismanagement has been Ghana's greatest challenge- Dr. Sam Ankrah
Dr. Sam Ankrah

By Emmanuel Oti Acheampong

A Certified Ghanaian Economist and 2024 Independent Presidential Hopeful, Dr. Sam Ankrah has explained the reason for Ghana’s stagnancy as mismanagement of natural and human resources.

He made these comments during his speech delivery at the Inclab Talk conference on the theme “Fourth Revolution Leadership” at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology on May 27, 2023.

Dr. Ankrah stressed the fact that, Ghana having attained independence earlier than some African and even foreign nations have stayed below the barrel of development because of the incompetent level of both past and current leadership bestowed on us. He also added that as much as the leadership of the country hasn’t been so competent in managing the resources well, the citizens have also been poor in ensuring that these leaders produce quality and effective leadership.

Dr. Ankrah who is hopeful of leading the country after the 2024 election, also mentioned that, the country is blessed with both natural and human resources to its abundance but has stayed stagnant for years after the colonial masters economy and poverty. All these things, he said, are because power has been vested in wrong and incompetent hands for long.

He further stated that, in order for Ghana to match up with its independence mate, Singapore, there’s the need for competency and accountability from both sides of government, thus the leaders and the people. 

He explained that accountability from all angles of the country will not only see the country move well but will also do away with the serious corruption canker that circles the neck of every African leader and, in our context, Ghanaian leaders.

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