Parliament’s Finance Committee recommends approval of car loans for MPs, Council of State members

The Finance Committee of Parliament has recommended to the House to approve the loan agreement of 28 million dollars to finance the purchase of cars for MPs.

The Committee also recommended the approval of a similar facility for members of the Council of State. In addition to the loans, the Finance Committee is also requesting the House to grant tax waivers totaling more than 13 million dollars on the cars for the MPs and the members of the Council of State.

In making the recommendations, the committee said it took note of recent concerns by Ghanaians about the burden the current vehicle loan arrangement will have on the public purse.

The Committee, therefore, recommended the discontinuation of the vehicle loan arrangement for MPs and members of the Council of State.

In its place, government should provide duty post vehicles for the MPs and members of the Council of State as is done for all other Article 71 officeholders.

The Committee, therefore, concluded that the current arrangement should be the last one the state is sponsoring.


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