Government must improvise to ensure policies are sustainable

Professor John K. M. Mawutor.

By Clifford Okyere.

Professor John Kwaku Mensa Mawutor, a lecturer at the University of Professional Studies in Accra, has advised the government to improvise in order to ensure that their policies are sustainable for the future.

He stated this on GTV’s Breakfast Show, where he was asked about the government’s plan to reduce imports by 2023, as read in the budget by the Finance Minister.

Professor Mawutor stressed that agriculture could be a major sector for revenue generation if the government would invest more in the sector rather than focusing on production only. He added that, in order to do so, the government must put in place enabling areas that would stimulate the appetite of people to engage in agriculture.

Professor Mawutor added that if the intended policy of government will sustainable, there needs to be strong home policies that will help discourage importation, and also, government should also consider the wellbeing of farmers.

He called for the revival and implementation of policies which used to be in place to help cushion farmers and added that insurance schemes should be added to the incentives for farmers.

This call is in wake of the incoming National Farmers Day, which will be held on Friday, December 2 in the Eastern region.

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