Former President Kuffour suggests replacing Council of State with Second Chamber

Former President Kuffour


Former President Kuffour his voice to that of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) calling for the scrapping of the Council of State from the 1992 Republican Constitution of Ghana.

In place of the Council of State which many Ghanaians believed is serving no well-meaning purpose, the Former President has suggested that a well-composed Second Chamber should be constituted to perform its functions.

“I have gone through all these periods and I have come to the conclusion that perhaps, what our constitution should have, is to temper the extremes of our democracy. It is not Council of State but a Second Chamber well-composed on the basis of democracy,” he said at a forum organized by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) in Accra.

Ghana’s Council of State is a body of prominent citizens, akin to the Council of Elders in the traditional political system, which advises the President on national issues.

But, arguments over the years regarding its relevance have been that since the President is not compelled to heed the advice given by the Council there is no need for it now and should be scrapped.

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