Krowor District EC ensures inclusivity in Voter Registration; access for Persons with Disability, Pregnant Women


By Abigail Asiamah 

The  Electoral Commissioner for Krowor District has outlined the steps and measures to ensure accessibility and convenience for individuals with disabilities and pregnant women during the voters’ registration process.

Koranteng emphasised that persons with disabilities are given special attention and are not required to stand in long queues, even in instances of high congestion, despite the challenges posed by the volume of registrations, and empathised with those who express concerns about prior waiting times.

“Although the place is choked because there are many people waiting to be registered, when Persons with disabilities come here we attend to them despite the pressure we face,” she stated.

According to her, persons with disabilities and pregnant women are also afforded special accommodations. They are exempted from standing in long queues and guided through the necessary steps of the registration process.

She further said that the Electoral Commission offers assistance to those who may face difficulties reading or writing. This additional support ensures that all eligible individuals have equal access to the voter registration process.

“We ensure that every eligible individual, regardless of their literacy level, has the opportunity to participate in the voter registration process,” she added.

These measures implemented at Krowor District’s Electoral Commission office reflect a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, recognising the unique needs of individuals with disabilities and pregnant women. 

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