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There is sharp increase in prices of vegetables and rice in Sunyani, the Bono-Ahafo Regional capital, a Ghana News Agency market survey has revealed.

When the GNA visited the Nana Bosoma Central Market on Wednesday, many retailers engaged in tomatoes, garden eggs and onions complained about the increase, but could not assign reasons for the situation.

It was only tomatoes, which according to the retailers has become scarce, thus informing the price increase.

A tomato retailer, Regina Bema, said four balls of medium-sized tomatoes which were selling between GHC1.00 and GHC2.00 was now pegged between GHC5.00 and GHC7.00, whilst a box of the vegetable was now sold at GHC800.00.

Four balls of onion which was selling at GHC2.00 was now being sold between GHC5.00 and GHC7.00 while a sack of it was selling at GHC500.00.

There is also a slight increase in prices of garden eggs as a sack which was previously selling at GHC70.00 was now pegged at GHC120.00

On average, a mini bag of imported rice which used to sell at GHC120.00 was now being sold at GHC140.00, whereas a five-kilogramme bag of rice which used to sell at GHC25.00 is now sold between GHC28.00 and GHC32.00.

Charles Amoako, a store keeper, said the price increase of rice has slowed down sales. 

Meanwhile, prices of yam, maize, plantain, cocoyam and fruits such as orange and pineapple have become stable and affordable in the market due to a bumper harvest.

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