Pro Vice Chancellor of the University of Cape Coast, Prof George Oduro

The Pro Vice Chancellor of the University of Cape Coast, Prof George Oduro, has deplored the rippling effects of political polarization in Ghana which often compromises unity, peace and national development.

Prof. Oduro who was speaking to Radio Ghana in Cape Coast, said people’s orientation and commitment towards partisan issues are sinking the national character, adding that political extremists often scheme to get people chased out of their jobs, despite their wealth of experience, when the political terrain changes.

This, according to the Pro Vice Chancellor, has made some citizens with critical minds and innovative ideas, gradually retreat for fear of being lambasted.

That apart, Prof Oduro noted, some also hide behind politics to misbehave at the workplace which promotes indiscipline and affects productivity.

He said success of a nation depends on the mindset formed by the Universities and the extent to which leadership power promotes a national character.

He therefore urged Tertiary institutions in Ghana, especially the Universities, to develop the intellect of the youth and integrate national character issues in their programmes. This will enable the students to develop a mindset that places Ghana first.

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