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Paris Saint-Germain have criticised Chelsea and the Metropolitan Police after a group of their supporters found with weapons were denied entry to the Women’s Champions League quarter-final match at Kingsmeadow on Thursday.

Over 50 PSG ‘ultras’ were turned away before kick-off after knuckledusters, knives and drugs were found on their coach following a search by the Met Police. One man who was on board the coach was arrested for possession of class A drugs, while the remaining passengers were escorted from the area by police.

The group of fans have also been accused of causing criminal damage at the stadium earlier that day as pro-PSG graffiti was discovered. But PSG claim that they have not received evidence of wrongdoing and are ‘surprised’ by Chelsea’s decision to refuse entry to the supporters.

PSG also claim that ‘local witnesses’ allege that the damage at the stadium was caused before their fans arrived.

A statement from PSG read: ‘We repeat that the local authorities have not provided any evidence of wrongdoing, at least no fact available justifies such a ban to attend the match. ‘All of our supporters have been searched, and if any of these searches or facts had been under criminal law, we can imagine that the concerned supporter (s) would not have been able to leave British territory without being disturbed.

‘Surprisingly, we note that Chelsea, on the morning of the match, did not want the presence of our supporters, arguing of alleged damage to the stadium which are, according to local witnesses, prior to the arrival of our fans in London.

‘We express our fullest support to fans of Paris Saint-Germain who, in the middle of the week, had arranged their schedule to come support our women’s team and we count on their fervor during the return match next Wednesday, Paris.’

‘But at the same time we have got remember that the women’s game is progressing and the fans are following. ‘With that comes the same level of scrutiny. But they have to behave, whether that’s our fans or theirs.’

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