Children from Rescue to Effective Learning through Creative Applications and Support for Suffering  Orphans and Victims of Broken Homes, (RELCASSOVB) -Ghana have expressed grave concern about their future.

They said looking at the current global trends; they fear they might lose out on gainful employment opportunities as robots and automated machines are high on the agenda for big producers, manufacturers and other employers. 

Nine year old Millian Kpan who is a primary 4 pupil of Frances International School at Wa shared her thoughts with participants at a book donation by RELCASSOVB-Ghana. The group donated 100 copies of creative arts text books to the Upper West Regional Library at Wa.

The move formed part of the Quality Assurance Project (QAP). The QAP is a creative learning initiative that provides innovative, supplementary teaching and learning programs that are in tandem with the Ghana Education Services’ curriculum. 

Miss. Kpan said the current global dynamics concerning education, particularly in the area of applied sciences, applied technology and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) are interesting and economically viable but Ghanaian children might lose out.

According to her, this because the current Ghanaian educational system does not give enough attention to those areas.

Miss. Kpan again mentioned that some research she had seen indicated that about 85 percent of emerging jobs need people efficiently trained and have background in technical and vocational education.

She therefore appealed to stakeholders in the education sector to take a comprehensive look at the educational system.

“If this nation Ghana will go forward in the right direction and in the manner that will have prospects for the masses and leave good legacies for we the future leaders, then our policy makers will need to reconsider the kind and quality of education that is offered the citizens,” she said.

In another statement by 9 year old Comfort Suglo, it was mentioned that RELCASSOVB-Ghana sought to in the long run, drive Ghana’s industrialization by enabling children to grow and better themselves through the study of creative arts.

In response to the issues raised by RELCASSOVB-Ghana, the Upper West Regional Director of Education, Evans Kpebah encouraged the children to stay committed to learning and bettering themselves.

He said no parent or child should entertain the fear that the TVET sector is dead.

Mr. Kpebah said the new curriculum that will come online in September is very accommodating of TVET.

The Executive Director of RELCASSOVB-Ghana, William Ayaaba Akongbabre used the opportunity to appeal for an office space for the activities of the group.

He also asked parents to encourage their children who showed interest in creative arts and support them to succeed.

The Upper West West Regional Librarian Augustine Votere (in smock) accepting the books from the Executive Director of RELCASSOVB

Receiving the books on behalf on the Ghana Library Authority, the Upper West Regional Librarian, Augustine Votere expressed appreciation to RELCASSOVB-Ghana for the books. He said the books would be made accessible to the children who visit the library.

Story by Mark Smith

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