Some residents in the Tema constituency have expressed their plight about the Tema motorway downpour yesterday.

According to them, the Tema motorway needs some maintenance to put the pathway in a good shape for drivers.

The resident revealed that there are some construction taking place in the vicinity which blocks the path for the flow of the water during raining seen.

A student of the Ghana Institute of Journalism Pascaline said the flood could be a result of a river that passes under the motorway.

They are urging the Government to ensure the maintenance of the Tema motorway to save lives.

Their concern was with individuals who work without permit when building houses.

They are pleading with the Accra Metropolitan Assembly and lands commission to address the issues about building in order to put things in shape.

“Some buildings have blocked the flow of waters during the downpour. I think something should be done about how we manage and build up places. We should get permission or permits in order to do that” Pascaline said.

The Ghana Police service via their social media handles cautions the public to be mindful and reduce their speed limit due to the downpour which has caused flooding.

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