Abul-Fath Gilani, in an attempt to purify smoke through water in a glass base called a ‘Shisha’, he invented the Hookah.

Hookah also known as Shisha.

Shisha became a term used by people from Middle Eastern and Asian for smoking a tobacco substance through a bowl or pipe

Shisha smoking is now practiced almost every part of the world and it’s now a way for noblemen and the youth to show their high social status in Ghana and beyond

Glass Shisha

Shisha is usually made up of tobacco, molasses/sugar, and fruit flavorings. It is smoked through a water pipe that is heated by charcoal to produce the smoke.

Smoking Shisha can damage ones health according to World Health Organisation

Per their research and study by World Health Organisation, Shisha contains the same type of tobacco as you get in cigarettes. This means Shisha smokers are at risk of developing the same health problems as cigarette smokers.

 A one hour session of smoking Shisha can be the same as smoking 100 or more cigarettes.

Smoking of Shisha is now the trend among the youth and some celebrities in the country as a way of showing off their social status, knowing very well the health implications they are exposed to.

They go as far as smoking shisha and videoing themselves to spread on social media for attention

Shisha smokers are at risk of developing health problems such as heart disease, Oral cancer, lung cancer. stomach cancer, cancer of the esophagus, reduced lung function. decreased fertility.

Pascal Amoah Nelson.

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