Satirist Kwaku-Sintim Misa (KSM) has acknowledged that stand-up comedy in Ghana is better now than it was in the past.

In an interview with TV3, KSM noted that the current crop of comedians are doing better than his contemporaries did during his days.

“I’m very, very happy with the state of comedy. Now there is a whole variety of people and they are doing extremely well”, he said.

He cited Khemikal, James Brown, DKB, Augustin Dennis, Foster Romanus, OB and others as examples of comedians who are doing impressively well in the comedy industry.

“I think there has been much improvement from the days I was reigning to the days we actually have a whole multitude of comedians,” he added.

Talking about what to do to get comedy in Ghana to its highest height, he urged the comedians to work harder to stay relevant and be competitive.

KSM explained that when the comedians know their stuff and improve on their craft, it is easy for them to break through.

“The comedians should concentrate of their craft, I want them to improve on their craft, I want them to be very fluid and flow and once we have a body of comedians that know their art so well, that flow, that deliver, then we can get to the next step,” KSM said on TV3.

KSM as has produced and hosted big comedy shows including ‘The Saga of the Returnee,’ ‘Politically Incorrect’, ‘Afia Siribuor,’ among others.

His company, Sapphire Entertainment has produced a lot of television series and shows.

The latest production from the stables of his production company is an electronic court drama series, ‘Odo Wahala.’

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