*Warning: This article contains spoilers from the latest episode of The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead served up another Breaking Bad crossover in the latest episode of season nine, titled Omega.

Yep, it’s only just been revealed that actor Seth Gilliam was keen for the two shows to come together and now new character Lydia (Cassidy McClincy) has made it a reality.

In the latest installment, Lydia opened up to Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Henry (Matt Lintz) about her traumatic past.

As the newcomer told her story, viewers saw flashbacks which dated right back to the zombie outbreak and discovered how villain Alpha, played by Samantha Morton, transformed from a skin-wearing walker.

The Breaking Bad link all became clear when Alpha sang the lullaby Lydia The Tattooed Lady to her daughter – the same song that played out when Lydia Rodarte-Quale (Laura Fraser) telephoned Todd (Jesse Plemons) at the end of the series.

Genius, right? It was unveiled that Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead were in the same universe after a popular fan theory surfaced on the web back in 2016, suggesting the zombie show was the sequel and the apocalypse was a result of Walter’s ‘blue sky’ meth.

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