A report released by the Bureau of Public Safety (BPS) has shown that  transportation-related incidents accounted for the majority of deaths and injuries recorded in the country.

The report  dubbed Ghana Public Safety and Crime Report (BPS Watch) revealed that  more than nine hundred casualties were recorded in 2019 representing 45 percent of all casualties.

This  the report says makes the country’s  roads the most dangerous , as it accounts for the majority of deaths and injuries.

The report broadly categorized public safety issues into ten categories  namely; crime, violent crime, fire related incidents, transportation-related incidents, civil disturbances and police officer casualties.

 Others include police brutalities, police arrests, natural disasters and general incidents.  It also took into consideration the casualties that occurred under each case by recording the number of injuries and deaths.

  Data collected for the report comprise of data spanning  from January 1 to December 31, 2019.  It included weekends and public holidays.

The BPS primarily sourced its data from ten news portals of major television and radio stations in the country which operate under the authority and guidelines of the National Media Commission (NMC).

High occupancy vehicles topped the chat of vehicles that were heavily involved in road crashes.

It was followed by heavy goods vehicles and private cars. It also emerged that the use of gun was the most dominant offensive weapon used in the commission of violent crimes in 2019.

Under its general index, cases such as drowning, building collapse and electrocutions were responsible for 15 percent of  deaths recorded during the period.

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